Qualified Service-Team

Number one priority of our qualified service-team is to satisfy their clients. Their vast experience with analytical instruments, as well as their continuous training & education assure that our clients get exactly what they need : professional maintenance and repair services. Our service department is also ISO 9001 certified.

Services we offer

  • On-site repairs, maintenance and calibrations.
  • Service contracts for calibrations, maintenance and repairs, up until the complete care for the instruments, measurement stations, or of the entire measurement networks.
  • Software installations, - configurations and - maintenance, as well as the monitoring of the software - hotline : Diagnosis and probability checks of your measurement devices and networks.
Technical Infrastructure

  • Air-conditioned calibration room
  • Standards calibrated by metas
  • A variety of standards certified for the calibration of the devices we provide, such as gas flow standards (of more than 20 different gases), barometers, etc.
  • Multi-channel mass flow controller dilution units
  • Gas calibrators with permeation tubes, ozone generators and gas phase filtration units
  • Portable calibrators as transfer-standards and certified measurement devices
  • High-pressure Zero air units with and without Paladiumconverter
  • Special backwashable pressure reduction levels for gas bottles
  • Photometric standards
  • Huge stock on spares
Services for analytical laboratories

  • Verification of UV-VIS Spectralphotometers (IQ / OQ / PQ)
  • Liquid references according to the European Pharmacopeia, NIST, UKAS, DAkkS, ISO 17025, and ISO 17034
  • HPLC Verification (IQ / OQ / PQ) for isocratic, binary and quaternary system
  • Reference Material for HPLC Verification

CONTREC AG TeamViewer QuickSupport client

For any support concerning the configuration of devices or for a technical analysis our TeamViewer QuickSupport is available.
Please contact us by phone (044 746 32 20) or via our ticketing system http://www.contrec.ch/support/

CONTREC AG Team Viewer