Fast, efficient, and designed to suit your needs: Our GC
As a pioneer when it comes to Gas Chromatography, DANI's experts have a huge technical and scientific Know-How, which is why they can offer a variety of Autosamplers, Injectors and Detectors, thus finally covering practically any application in GC contexts. The MASTER GC convinces with temperatures of up to 500°C and has extremely high heating- as well as cooling rates of up to 140°C/min. Another point worth mentioning is the extremely high rate of data acquisition when it comes to DANI's detectors.
The by far biggest advantage of DANI's instruments however clearly lies in the general flexibility of one side the GC instrument itself and on the other side of all related modules. Thanks to its versatile design, any GC System can be configured to perfectly suit your needs. We are thus more than happy to provide you with the GC configuration you're precisely looking for.