Now new with Profinet and EtherCAT interface

The digital mass flow meters and regulators of the red-y smart series are now available
also available with Industrial Ethernet interface. Equipped with the two
Industrial Ethernet Protocols EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology)
and Profinet RT (Real Time), they are now optimally prepared for industry 4.0.

Looking for your optimal HPLC ?

CONTREC - Neue HPLC Säulen

Specialists in chromatography often refer to the column as the "heart". It has a decisive influence on the separation performance, the time (and thus also eluent costs), the generally resulting chromatogram, the quantification, as well as on many other important factors.

Therefore we now offer a wide range of analytical, preparative and semi-preparative HPLC columns as well as columns for applications with supercritical fluids.


At ILMAC, discover news such as the new Master GC - MS TOF

The flexible and versatile MASTER GC - MS TOF provides unsurpassed analytical capabilities. This GC is specially designed to perform the fastest possible gas chromatography analysis. Thus it meets the productivity requirements of modern laboratories: It covers the highest requirements of routine investigations as well as research work far beyond the future.

New iQ Series Gas Analyzers from Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific Introduces New Analyser Line The iQ Series"

Discover the new iQ Series gas analyzer line with new capabilities such as predictive diagnostics, new communication capabilities, universal VNC screen transmission and

Efficiency and precision for laboratory automation 4.0

Most laboratories in Switzerland have the highest standards of efficiency and economy in the world. The analyzers must deliver high-quality and precise measurement results in the shortest possible time, independent of the sample matrix. Against this background, the market-leading manufacturer AMS Alliance has developed the high-quality Futura and Smartchem lines.